Interactive Sports/Games

 Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls Challenger, with Course

75' x 40' x 10'
??? lbs

Have you ever wondered what being in a real live hamster ball would be like? Well now you can find out on our challenging 75 foot long zorb course! Kids love the feeling of being inside a large inflated ball and rolling around. This inflatable track brings the fun to the next level.

 This comes with 2 Zorb balls, one size fits all. Book in advance to avoid being disappointment.

Safety is number one with the Zorb Balls and the track inflates easily and must be anchored to the ground for added protection. The inflatable track can only be used in areas where there are no sharp rocks or unseen debris.



4 Person Hydro Blaster

The Hydro Blaster

The Hydro Blasters is a water based game you do not want to leave out on those hot and sunny days. This competitive based game will keep kids entertained and excited.  The game is played by crouching underneath the balloon chamber while you rush to pump air and allow water to simultaneously fill the balloon that hangs above your opponents head. Pop it before they beat you to it.  

100 balloons for $10.00


Laser Tag 1
Large Arena (10+ Guns)

The Outdoor Laser Tag Arena is perfect for any event and is a fun place to play! You are moving carefully through the dimly lit arena, wearing your fiber optic vest. Holding your laser equipped phaser, you scan the area around you for another player. There! In front of you! Red lights on the vest of somebody else! You press the trigger on your phaser and fire a red beam at them. Your phaser confirms your aim by vibration; time to find somebody else and add to your score!

Our Outdoor Laser Tag Arena requires a space of 40 feet by 50 feet and can be played by 10 players at one time inside the inflatable arena. The Outdoor Laser Tag is typically inflated on a flat grass surface or it may also be possible to place this inflatable laser arena inside a large indoor area providing it has good access.


Laser Tag 2
Small Arena (6 Guns)

Protect the earth from the aliens! Fight laser battles against your friends in this small, lightweight laser tag maze that is sure to amuse any space ranger.



Sumo Suits

Sumo Wrestling

15' x 15'

Sumo Suits appeal to the sumo wrestler in all of us and provide BIG ADULT fun for any event. Squash your competition as you bump, jump and sumo your opponent. May the best sumo wrestler win! Comes with the sumo mats.


Bouncy Boxing

15' x 15' x 13'
168 lbs

This colourful interactive game brings the joy of a bouncy castle together with the world of boxing. Participants can experience a few rounds in the ring with the oversized gloves, offering a comical and entertaining take on the sport. It features a yellow, blue and red motif, with four posts and inflatable "ropes" like a true boxing ring. This game will draw plenty of action and will engage guests young and old. Promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship with Bouncy Boxing!


Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

9' x 6' x 10'

With a dunk tank rental you can dunk your boss, principal, friends, parents, co-workers or even your kids! Players toss softballs at the dunk tank target; if they hit the target on the dunk tank, splash in goes the volunteer into the dunk tank filled with water! Great for school or church fundraising events! Dunk tanks are a carnival original. Dunk tank holds 500 gallons of water and takes 3 hours to fill completely with a garden hose. Max participant weight is 250 pounds.



15' x 15' x 1'
58 lbs

A new rendition to an old classic. Just like on the smaller Twister game, participants rapidly become entangled in a web of confusion as the caller gleefully calls out instructions! This Inflatable Twister Game will surely challenge your family and friends. This game is a huge crowd favorite, it's hilarious to watch, and even more hilarious to play! And, it is incredibly popular with ALL age groups! Everyone loves to revisit his or her childhood with our famous Giant Twister.


Junior Sports Game

24’ x 17' x 13’
98 lbs

No matter the sport, Junior Sports Games has the games kids want to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart/Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children play their favorite game simultaneously and facilitate variety as participants have the chance to play each sport.

Food Fight Game

Food Fight Game

It's everyone for themselves in this new Food Fight game! This game is perfect for birthday parties or school carnivals. You can use the soft sea sponges provided in the game to douse the victim with a face full of water or you may choose to create your own whipped cream pie!


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* All rentals are based on a minumum of a four hour rental.
Delivery prices are subject to locations and distance.